Your gym is closed? That's okay, now with these amazing resistance bands you can workout from home! The more you learn about the advantages of resistance band exercises, the more you'll be motivated to add them to your own home gym.

They are inexpensive and a great option for people of any age or fitness level. Resistance bands are incredibly effective with infinite posibilities and offer many benefits over traditional free weights.

🌟 1. Hit every muscle group with hundreds of exercises.🌟

Most resistance bands come in multiple resistance levels, usually Yellow: 10lb - (5kg) Red: 15lb - (7,5kg) Green: 20lb - (10kg) Blue: 25lb - (12,5kg) Black: 30lb - (15kg). You can combine multiple bands as you wish to acquire various levels of resistance.

There are hundreds of free exercises online for nearly every major muscle group in your body, opening infinite exercise possibilities. This is especially important as our muscles adapt to any new exercise routine, so it's a great idea to mix any of your usual exercises with resistance bands. Or you can even combine them with other exercise equipment.

You can find some free exercises here, you can do them at home or even in a park: https://bit.ly/3bD4Lt0

🌟 2. Get a cost-effective workout anytime, anywhere. 🌟

The best resistance bands usually come in 5 different resistance levels, and the 5-band set is usually less than $40!! They are inexpensive and can last for years. You can say goodbye to your overpriced gym membership!

Our favourite set:(now 50% off plus FREE delivery) https://www.wildriotcollective.com/product-page/resistance-band-set-for-full-body-home-workout

🌟3. It's small and portable. 🌟

Even if you don't have much space at your home, resistance bands don't take up much space and give you an endless amount of workout possibilities.

Plus, you can take them anywhere, allowing you to continue to stay active when travelling or at work during a lunch break.

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