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Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or tired? Do you need a massage but you don't have the time or money to go to a massage therapist all the time?


Increased Energy Levels. Improved Sleep Quality. Increased Circulation. Improved Digestion. Get Acupressure Mat for yourself and your loved-ones for an affordable price now!


One of the key benefits of an acupressure mat is that it's a natural form of pain relief.


The Mat allows for easy self treatment of aches & pains using the well known principle of Acupressure.

By stimulating pressure points around the body, the Acupressure Mat helps to induce a sense of calmness and relaxation through relieving stress & tension throughout the body.


  • 1 x Massage mat ONLY 
  • Size: mat: 660mm * 420mm * 20mm/26.0 * 16.5 * 0.79"


Note, the mat can be sharp at sertain angles, so please make sure you use it with a caution.

Acupressure Mat

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