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Wild Riot Wellness is an online nutrition, health and lifestyle coaching program available to anyone, anywhere around the world. Whether your goal is to be inspired to exercise more, improve your sleep, adopt a healthier eating routine, or improve your mindset and overall mental health,

this program is for you. 

We are all about making you feel happy and beautiful ❤

This program was created to help you un-learn toxic diet culture and provide a holistic approach to mental and physical wellness that will last a lifetime. 

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all for anything and we are not going to tell you to starve yourself and suffer, nor to excessively exercise. Instead, we will introduce you to real self-care, which naturally relates to your body and mind. We provide you with an extensive scope of inspiration, guidelines, resources and a wonderful community of like-minded supportive souls, in order to create long-lasting lifestyle changes especially crafted for you! It’s all about what works for you, which means doing not what is easiest or fast, but what is right.

It's not about a short-lasting effect,  it's about giving you the opportunity to change your lifestyle, to become a happier and healthier YOU.

And we have something else, something no other program offers... We will send you an exclusive gift every 3 months! It could be a fitness outfit, gear, bags and more! It's a gift from us to you; our way of saying, YOU CAN DO IT, WE BELIEVE IN YOU! We want to encourage you to start that healthy journey with us, and stick with it in order to become a new, more vigorous and spirited YOU. 


  • PERSONAL MENTOR: One of our mentors will follow your progress.

  • LEARN, NOURISH & EXERCISE: Access to our private platform, which includes an extensive scope of resources, inspiration, and guidelines. Once you've accessed the private page, you'll be able to start setting your goals for the next 12 weeks and get familiar with all the resources. We'll teach you everything about wellness: nutrition, meal guides, dessert "cheats" and amazing healthy recipes, keto and vegan tips, as well as yoga and meditation guides, motivation, exercise and mindset. 

    • We have a "Substitutes" section for our keto members, where you can find the most incredible keto-friendly ingredients and products that will change your life. We found low carb pasta, bread, brownies, cakes, sweets and much more! This will drastically change the way you look at keto.

  • SELF-CARE: E-book guide which will teach you how to listen and respect your body. It was created to empower you to reclaim confidence in your own body and love yourself again!

  • STAY MOTIVATED: Weekly reminder email including a game plan for each week ahead.

  • FREE GIFTS: Exclusively for our members only, we have a special gift of high value! Are you tired of the modern-day subscription box? Signing up to receive a monthly box of goodies, but you end up with a bunch of unnecessary junk? We are all about quality over quantity. Every 3 months you will get only best-selling and handpicked products like activewear (of your choice), fitness gear, activity tracking watches and more! The gifts are from us and a way of saying, YOU CAN DO IT, WE BELIEVE IN YOU! They are meant to encourage you to start that healthy journey with us and introduce a new, more vigorous and spirited YOU.

       PLUS! For our members only: 50% OFF all our products in the store.

  • CONNECT: Access to our wonderful private community group of like-minded supportive souls.​ You will be introduced to our beautiful community and become part of it! From time to time attend our wine and cheese catch-ups if one is happening in your city.

  • BE INSPIRED: Opportunity to connect with health professionals and wellness coaches from all over the world who are on their own journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  • SELF-LOVE: We feature a "Brands of the Month Special", where each month, we partner with various brands to offer amazing deals exclusively to our members! You can even vote which companies you would like us to bring on board!!  

*** Note, the subscription period for the program is 3 months long, and you are encouraged to stay subscribed with us. This way you will have ongoing access to the private portal, as well as access to all the newest resources and challenges to keep you motivated! Plus, each time your subscription renews (every 3 months), a new and exclusive gift will be sent to you, along with our newest discounts and deals.


Stay healthy, positive and happy,

Wild Riot Collective x


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WRWellness Fitness Set


Jess, Sydney

Love it! I got the program for my friend who had a rough year and this helped her a lot. Now she is so much more positive and happy, which makes me happy! Hehe call it a SUCCESS :)

Unlike any other subscription, this program provides real value and I love my gifts!! Thank you

Jade, Gold Coast

Loved it!

What a fantastic and easy to follow program, it taught me how important wellness is and how to set small goals each week.

 I already signed a few friends up as a gift!! 

Stephanie, LA